WebEd: Total Worker Health - Real-World Culture

WebEd: Total Worker Health - Real-World Culture Building to Improve Worker Safety and Health
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Work and life regularly can routinely collide for many workers. Work in construction can be especially challenging at times for workers, managers and owners. The new challenges of a rapidly changing economy combine with old hazards like injury risk, long work hours, workplace stress, and off-the-job obligations for an unhealthy mix.  A strategic plan for culture building is a requirement if your business wants to attract, retain and support the healthiest, most engaged workforce. What does the latest population health science say about optimizing work and work design for better health outcomes and improved bottom lines?  Can we translate this research into policies and practices so work can actually “work” for all of us?  And how can we address some of the most urgent threats in our industry – like substance misuse and rising suicide rates?  This is the critical, must-see session for workable strategies and real-world solutions from NIOSH.
5/6/2021 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

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