WebEd: Holy Smokes We Had An Incident, What Do I Do Now

WebEd: Holy Smokes We Had an Incident, What Do I Do Now
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During this webinar we will be breaking down incidents and accidents into three areas:

Pre-incident –planning for an incident from the smallest to the catastrophic. Ensure you have the right policies, equipment, and training of your employees. How to ensure all your procedures work by setting up a process of evaluating your procedures through practices and drills. Guidance on the pre-incident meeting with your local occupational health clinic. How to ensure when an incident/accident happens, your crews in the field can handle the situation

Incident – break down step by step procedure how to handle the first 24 hours of an incident or injury. How to give input on how the case will be recorded in accordance to OSHA recordability standards. How and what factors need to be collected to protect your exposures. 

Post Incident – how to control post incidents or injuries. How to work with the Insurance carriers or TPAs to properly report the incident, control cost, exposure, and bad PR. Overall how to manage an incident/accident (claim) from turning into nightmare. 
5/18/2021 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

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